FACS Appreciation Award

Given to an individual or organization that has contributed significantly to the support of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences either financially, programatically or legislatively.

Extra Special People

  • Watkinsville-based ESP is noted for serving children and young adults with developmental disabilities and their families through year-round thrive programs, family support and community development.
  • ESP continues to positively impact the local community and encourages students to focus on all their remarkable capabilities, not on their disabilities.
  • ESP’s internship program is designed to help students gain professional experience in the human services field. ESP has committed to providing experiential learning opportunities for FACS students to translate their knowledge into the field as they work with diverse individuals and
  • families.

  • Students often report how welcomed ESP makes them feel as they enter a community that fosters relationship and family. Students gain skills in professional conduct, interpersonal relationships, program development, presentation and teaching methods, organization and assessment and evaluation.
  • “Regardless of who the representative is from ESP, their passion is contagious, and our students
  • consistently walk away from conversations with them with a curiosity for learning more about the professional opportunities that ESP offers year-round,” FACS senior lecturer and internship coordinator Melissa Kozak said.

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