Preparing for Marriage

Why it Matters

Estimates suggest that each year in Georgia, one couple files for divorce for every two couples who get married. Couples who participate in premarital counseling or educational programs, and use the skills they learn, tend to feel more satisfied in marriage and are at lower risk for divorce.

Before You Walk Down the Aisle

Did you know that Georgia couples who receive at least 6 hours of premarital counseling or educational services before filing for their marriage license can receive a $35.00 discount on their marriage license fee?


PREPARE is a research-based program designed to help couples build a stronger and happier marriage. The program consists of at least six 2-hour sessions that focus on (1) your strengths/growing areas; (2) communication; (3) managing conflict; (4) family life experiences; (5) financial plans and budgeting; and (6) setting goals. Participation in the PREPARE program requires that you and our partner complete an online inventory which will identify your strengths as a couple and areas of growth in a variety of areas that matter in healthy marriages. This information is then used to help facilitate discussion during each session. Visit to learn more about PREPARE.

If you live in or near Clarke County and you are engaged to be married or considering marriage, contact the UGA ASPIRE Clinic at 706-542-4486 for more information and to schedule an appointment, or complete and fax/email the registration form below.


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