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Food Safety for Foodservice

Preventing foodborne illness is a goal that does not lessen. More than 250 foodborne diseases have been described and present a significant public health challenge. In the U.S., per year, foodborne disease results in an estimated 48 million persons with gastrointestinal foodborne illnesses, 128,000 hospitalizations, and 3,000 deaths. An ever-increasing diversity in the food supply and diversity among types and sizes of foodservice establishments and community-based food assistance programs present challenges to food safety and keeping a knowledgeable workforce. UGA Extension has a consistent reputation for food safety education for organizations such as school nutrition, child care facilities, personal care homes, and churches. In addition, Extension been offering ServSafe® programs since 1996 and is a recognized provider in the state. We would like to help your community protect the health of its citizens by teaching safe food handling.

ServSafe® Certifications

We provide Georgia's foodservice industry with food safety training using the National and Georgia Restaurant Associations ServSafe® program.

The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension has approximately 20 county-based educators in Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) who teach area ServSafe® workshops in various locations throughout the state. These Extension agents are members of the University's Public Service faculty and have obtained ServSafe® food protection manager certification and certified instructor status. Extension has been offering ServSafe® manager and employee (Food Handler) certification programs throughout the state since 1997.

UGA Extension ServSafe® classes are found on the calendar of Extension events. If your local county Extension office has a ServSafe®-certified Family and Consumer Sciences agent, you may also contact that office to see if trainings for your organization could be organized. Other offices may be able to put you in touch with available instructors.

The national ServSafe® program offers training for every level of your organization in a variety of training delivery methods, from textbooks and videos to CD-ROM and classroom trainings. A complete listing of related course offerings and other programs and services not offered by UGA Extension can be found at the Georgia Restaurant Association website or The National Restaurant Association's website at www.servsafe.com. The foodservice industry in Georgia represents an industry comprising nearly 18,000 food service and drinking places in the state with total sales of approximately $18-19 billion. It provides 11% of the jobs in the state.

Classes for Community Groups and Organizations Serving Food

We also provide Georgia's communities with food safety education to protect the health of all.

Many community organizations provide foodservice to the public through church suppers, nonprofit sites for the hungry, school events, farmers' markets, and concession stands at sports events, fairs or festivals. Don't let your event be in the news for making customers and friends sick! UGA Family and Consumer Science agents in many Georgia counties provide programs to teach the how-to's of safe food handling for sponsoring organizations and groups of volunteers who get called to "occasional quantity foodservice." Check out the calendar of Extension events or contact your local county office to know what is available in or around your county.

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