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The BFO strives to provide excellent financial and administrative service, support and stewardship to the College. Our core values include: integrity, teamwork, transparency, and confidentiality.



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  • Timing of when we run reports is much more important with our new systems compared to Legacy.  Timing when running reports (especially in regards to  payroll) is critical.  Please refer to the table below when running reports.  

    ME= Month-end


    ME Starts

    ME Complete

    Reports Available in Queries

    Reports Available in Cubes

    Foundation Reports Available




































    August TBD


    Available Queries

    Available Cubes

    Payroll Encumbrances

    Each Sunday



    Foundation Uploads

    Once month

    ME dates

    ME dates

    Budgeting Fringes

    Once month

    ME dates

    ME dates

    Earning IDC

    Once month

    ME dates

    ME dates

    Budgeting IDC




  • The BFO is excited to announce the approved position of Post-Award Grants Lead for the College. Hiring for a final candidate is in process and to be named soon.

    Duties for this new position as Post-Award Grants Lead include:

    • Primary contact and manager for grants accounting management for external funding for the College
    • Will work in tandum with Pre-Award Grants Coordinator
    • Grants accounting management includes monitoring budgets, calculating indirect costs, coordinating cost share efforts, oversight of sub-awards, and assisting with financial reports
    • Position will communicate and coordinate with central offices such as SPA, OIBR, etc. and senior administration
    • Attend SPA related meetings to represent FACS
    • Develop and implement self-auditing procedures and processes
    • Provide in-depth analysis as needed
    • Monitoring of grant start and end dates working closely with PIs and department business managers
    • Manage, fund and report on startup commitments for new faculty and staff
    • Manage, track and distribute salary savings as related to grant funding
    • Working closely with financial staff to advise on grant expenditures, reporting and processes to refine and collaborate in resolving post-award accounting issues

    For questions related to the new position, please email facsbus@uga.edu

  • Sharing an article from UGA’s Well-being Director, Kiz Adams, as we approach the holiday season that brings on a little exact stress for most of us.  USG also have a well-being course on Mindfulness. 


    You can register through the PEP website. http://pep.uga.edu/

  • UGA will transition to the new OneUSG Connect System in December 2018. This transition will occur on December 16, 2018. All employees-faculty, staff, graduate assistants, student workers, and part-time employees-will go to onesource.uga.edu beginning on December 16 to login to the new OneUSG Connect Employee Self Services website.
    OneUSG Connect will be used to manage human resources activities and records as well as to issue payroll across the entire University System of Georgia. It is important for all faculty and staff to be aware of changes that will impact them beginning around the holiday season. The following information is intended for leaders, department heads, directors and supervisors to assist employees in preparing for the transition.

    #1: Encourage faculty/staff to review the new pay dates and plan for any personal financial adjustments (e.g., automatic deductions from their bank account, due dates for personal bills, plans for holiday shopping/travel, etc.). Remind them that Academic and Monthly employees will not be paid on the last day that UGA is open prior to our Winter Holiday Break, as has been the norm. Instead, the Academic/Monthly pay date will be December 31, 2018. It will be the last business day of the month from this point going forward.

    #2: Encourage faculty/staff to review the Faculty and Staff Guide for frequently asked questions and other important information. The guide includes a checklist for faculty/staff to complete in preparation for the transition. Encourage faculty/staff to print the appropriate checklist prior to December 16 so they have it readily available as a quick reference.

    #3: Encourage faculty/staff to register for training on how to use the new OneUSG Connect system. Training will continue through January. Please have faculty/staff work with their supervisor and OneSource Project Coordinator to determine the most appropriate training session to attend.

    #4: Encourage faculty/staff to reach out to their Project Coordinator or Change Champion if they have questions and/or need information to be prepared.

    Top 4 Things You as an Employee Should Know

    #1: All employees will see changes
    For example:
    * Employees will use a new Employee Self Service tool. The current UGA Employee Self-Service website will be available until July 1, 2019 to view historical information.
    * The work week will change for bi-weekly employees from Thursday - Wednesday to Sunday - Saturday.
    * Fridays will be pay days for all bi-weekly employees beginning Jan. 4, 2019. Pay day will change from Thursday to Friday, but there also will be less time between the end of the pay period and the date employees receive their paycheck.
    * Academic and Monthly employees will be paid on the last business day of the month. This will be true even if the last business day of the month is a UGA holiday.

    * Employees will no longer receive an email notification when their paystub is available beginning in January 2019. On your pay date, you will be able to log in to OneUSG Connect to see your paystub.
    * All employees will use the new system to request leave. All supervisors will use the new system to approve/deny leave requests.

    * Staff will retain Official UGA Job Titles (currently known as working titles) that appropriately reflect the important roles fulfilled by our staff and enable unit-level reporting needs. Job classifications will be collapsed to align with the job classification used by the University System of Georgia, providing greater flexibility and better tools for school, college, and unit leadership to recruit, retain, and promote staff.

    #2: Nearly all human resources and payroll processes will change. Therefore, as a Supervisor and/or HR/Payroll Practitioner, you will see changes in the way you do your job. For example:
    * We will no longer use the Kronos/MyTime system.
    * Most leave will be initiated by the employee in the system.
    * Employees will be able to use "self-service" for certain functions, such as to update direct deposit and W-4 information.

    #3: Learn about the 2018 Calendar Year-End Key Dates
    * There will be times between now and December 16, 2018 when some of the current systems will not be available for use.
    * During these time periods, manual emergency procedures are available on the OneSource website, if needed.

    #4: ArchPass will be required for the new OneUSG Connect System and OneUSG Connect Benefits

    * ArchPass, UGA's two- step login solution, will be required for the new OneUSG Connect System.

    * ArchPass will be required for the new OneUSG Connect System beginning December 16, 2018, and ArchPass will be required for OneUSG Connect Benefits beginning December 17, 2018.

    * For more information on Archpass, visit archpass.uga.edu

    As always, please email onesource@uga.edu with any questions or feedback you have.

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