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Task Phase Facu SSAC Unit Comm Web Dean AssD Staff Comments
Engage Communications Director and other content managers for web, print and electronic communications to review images and language with increased awareness of the ways in which we can support diversity and inclusion I x x
Increase internal communications/training to enhance awareness for all in the college of the diversity and inclusion goals and accomplishments I x
Strengthen the current Diversity web page through the web developers and communications director  I x x
Use various communication channels to highlight diversity (e.g. Visix monitors, publications, flyers, pamphlets, web site)  I x x x x
Increase visibility of diversity and global perspectives in Student Success and Advising Center (SSAC)  I x x
Include diversity statement in Dean’s Update and the commitment to diversity in the larger Dean’s Message on the web I x Accomplished
Encourage Department Heads and Institute/Center Directors to visibly support diversity through diversity topics on agendas, seminars, posters, flyers, web and social media, club activities I x x x
Identify how diversity can fit into UGA Elements and individual faculty accomplishment reports  I x x x
Leverage existing college venues for access and exposure to diversity, beginning with College Assembly in spring 2015 I x x
Include statement in all job announcements to encourage and communicate diversity (in addition to EEO/AA statement above): “The college welcomes applications and nominations of minorities and others who share our passion about and reflect our desire to support a culture of diversity and inclusion. The University of Georgia is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.” (Approved by EOO on Sept. 30, 2015)  I x x Also Business & Finance Office
Clearly identify resources and responsibilities in the college to support purposes of: 1) Academic support or problem solving; 2) Cultural support; 3) Individual support, referral and counseling; 4) Health and medical services; and 5) Student conduct and law enforcement. Post this listing on the web site and provide to new faculty, staff and students through SSAC II x x
Cultivate partnerships within the college and across the university that support the college’s values and goals as they relate to diversity II x x x
Link all of our websites to our diversity statements in both English and Spanish. See Enhance Outreach. II x x
Distribute the FACS Magazine more widely on campus II x
Highlight diversity in publications produced by the college and the units of the college II x x
Identify how diversity can fit into college Annual Report and department/unit accomplishment reports included in the AR II x x
Develop a series called “Focus on .....” story and updates of program outcomes every few months, and include diversity and inclusion II x x x
Ask department web content managers to review web sites with an eye for more deliberate attention to diversity. Ask communications director and web developers to identify and showcase which departments are doing well in this regard, showcase good examples to others  II x x
Launch a web page to inform and to welcome parents and students to the college, in Spanish language  II x x x
Establish link from college web pages to UGA Office of Institutional Diversity and other units on campus: Disabilities Resources, Lambda Alliance (sexual orientation); Resource Center, Institute of Gerontology II x x
Link to the web pages of UGA diversity resources and the UGA Campus and Community Resources for the purposes of: 1) Academic support or problem solving; 2) Cultural support; 3) Individual support, referral and counseling; 4) Health and medical services; and 5) Student conduct and law enforcement; and 6) Housing services III x x x Also  Business & Finance Office 
Leverage existing college venues for access and exposure to diversity to facilitate dialogue and discussions on diversity. Other venues could be faculty meetings, New Faculty Orientation. Identify other venues III x x x
The college's student, staff and faculty populations as well as guests represent various cultures and languages. Website to welcome parents and guests could be shown in additional languages representative of the college's populations, such as Mandarin Chinese and Russian. III x x

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