Recruit and Retain Diverse Faculty and Staff

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Task Phase Facu SSAC Unit Dean AssD Comments
Promote the annual college level “Super-Includer Award” and celebrate the past and current faculty and staff recipients I x Accomplished & continuing
Promote participation by faculty and staff in UGA Certificate programs promoting diversity: Global Certificate Program of the Office of International Education; Diversity and Inclusion Certificate of the Office of Institutional Diversity. Post names to college diversity web site I x x
Adopt strategies to be intentional in recruitment and opportunity hires for faculty  I x x x
Engage in grant writing and fundraising to support recruitment, retention and development of underrepresented faculty and staff and promote interdisciplinary activities I x x x
Provide tools for departments, such as a list of “25 ways to enrich diversity and inclusion everyday” in your job, in the classroom, in your lab or center I x x x
Appoint members to decision making groups representing diverse groups and experiences (e.g. gender, ethnicity, international, abilities, socioeconomic status, and employment status)  I x x x
Clearly identify resources and responsibilities in the college to support purposes of: 1) Academic support or problem solving; 2) Cultural support; 3) Individual support, referral and counseling; 4) Health and medical services; 5) Student conduct and law enforcement. Post this listing on the web site and provide to new faculty, staff and students through SSAC II x x Also Business & Finance Office
Name college representative to participate in the university’s committee for diversity and the university’s Diversity Advisory Council II x
Name college representative to participate in the university’s international education council  II x
Identify new training and education opportunities for faculty and staff. Determine how often diversity courses should be taken. Discuss whether training should be a yearly requirement for staff and faculty II x x
Following the work of the Faculty Advisory Committee to establish the “Diversity and Inclusion: A FACS Plan for Action,” facilitate a standing committee for diversity and inclusion that meets each semester in advisory capacity to the dean and Associate deans. II x
Invite faculty members from the Institute of Human Development and Disability to speak to the college on diversity in terms of disabilities II x x x
Establish a means to track under-represented undergraduate and graduate alums to recruit their children, students, or the alums themselves back to the college  III x Also External Relations, Alumni Relations,

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