Recruit and Retain Diverse Students

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Task Phase Facu SSAC Unit Grad Dean AssD Comments
Develop departmental and faculty relationships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) to promote recruitment of graduate students and identify and build similar relationships to promote recruitment of Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and international graduate students. I x x
Invite the Graduate School’s Department of Recruitment and Diversity Initiatives (RDI) to speak to the graduate coordinators and to units of the college I x Scheduled for Nov. 2015
Coordinate and advise graduate student groups to include diversity in their frame of reference and activities  I x
Leverage the FHCE program at the Griffin campus in the degree-completion BSFACS and for potential and future graduate students I x
Engage with our majors who are student athletes as a means of recruiting other students to FACS  I x
Actively recruit to add diversity of members (e.g. gender) to the college clubs, Ambassadors and Legislative Aide groups  I x x
Coordinate and advise undergraduate student clubs to include diversity in their frame of reference and activities I x x
Engage in grant writing and fundraising to support recruitment, retention and development of underrepresented students and promote interdisciplinary activities  I x x x
Work with UGA Admissions to identify and target key cities and regions of the country and other countries for recruitment of diverse undergraduate students  II x x Also Education Abroad Program Directors
Work with UGA Student Affairs to participate in and increase visibility of FACS to international students at events through the Office of International Student Life (e.g. the International Coffee Hour, Orientation, and list serve)  II x
Continue to develop strategies to recruit “undeclared majors” and from majors with a more diverse student body II x x First Year Odyssey faculty
Promote scholarships as a tool for recruiting diverse students at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Advertise and showcase particular scholarships to recruit to the majors, promote the number of scholarships available for those eligible for needs-based scholarships II x Also Education Abroad Program Directors
Develop partnerships with technical colleges and other 4-year institutions for recruiting students from a variety of communities and experiences to diversify the student body II x x
Provide advising and other information and support services from the Student Success and Advising Center (SSAC) to address the needs of nontraditional and transfer students. Survey current students in FACS about their preferences for more flexible hours of course offerings, including online. II x x
Work with graduate coordinators to be more intentional and successful in receiving Graduate Recruitment Opportunity (GRO) Assistantships and Excellence in Graduate Recruitment Funds (EGRF) II x
Invite representatives from graduate school to provide updates on grad school programs and data regarding grad admissions declinations in the college to the Fall Graduate Coordinators meeting. II x
Ask Equal Opportunity Office (EOO) to speak to first year graduate students II x
Coordinate activities/events to facilitate communication between underrepresented graduate students, for example, form our own international student and faculty/staff club  II x
Link with Atlanta University Center to have FACS Recruitment event each fall II x
Develop more cross-listed courses to expose more students to FACS and more diverse students. III x x
Explore potential graduate level summer courses at regional campuses III x x
Diversity Training: Create a college requirement for an online cultural competency and diversity training course to be required for all new employees and faculty. Utilizing faculty and OIT resources to create modules embedding videos, etc. that staff could access and proceed at their own pace, with completion required within a certain time frame. Develop online quizzes with real scenarios that utilize application of the content to provide important feedback to the FAC in determining needs and support of faculty and staff. Develop a refresher online module and establish a time line for when faculty and staff take refresher courses. III x
Performance Evaluation: All supervisors should ask faculty and staff they supervise to set a goal(s) for diversity within the college. The goals should be actionable and supervisors should evaluate their performance on those goals. The goals should be appropriate to the job classification and level of responsibility of the faculty and/or staff member.  III x x x

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