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Our mission is to advance the well-being of individuals and families over their life span and strengthen communities. Our college generates and disseminates knowledge, educates professionals, and provides research-based programs.

We communicate through a number of channels — advertising, print collateral, websites, emails and even powerpoint templates.

Consistent visual images and communication styles promote our mission with UGA, the College, and our larger community.

We have tried to make these guidelines as easy to follow as possible. All of the college’s logos are available here, as well as at UGA's official Branding and logo pages.

This is how we tell our story.

You must follow these directions to use the logo

Seeking approval for appropriate usage of university marks is quick and efficient. These steps will ensure ease of review and provision of required documentation for internal reimbursements.

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Email Signatures

Go to UGA's Email Signature Builder to build a signature with the UGA logo.

For a FACS-oriented signature, view your department's logos below and click "DOWNLOAD EMAIL SIG" in the "For Screen - PowerPoint, Web, computer graphics" section.

Social Icons

All UGA-affiliated social media pages should have branded icons. For assistance uploading your profile badge, contact Cal.


Click any link below to see the logos for the respective area.

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