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Syllabus Statements

Please be sure to include the required items in your course syllabi.


FACS COVID-19 Syllabus Statement: The College of Family and Consumer Sciences wants to keep all students, faculty, alumni, and visitors safe and well. Our FACS Community Health Pledge encourages wearing a face covering, practicing social distancing, self-monitoring your health, and respecting the concerns of others. Following these guidelines minimizes the spread of the virus and protects our community. In class, students are to comply with face covering requirements unless exempted by an accommodation request through the Disability Resource Center. The use of a face covering will be in addition to and is not a substitute for social distancing. Anyone not using a face covering when required will be asked to wear one or must leave the area. Repeated refusal to comply with the requirement may result in discipline through the student code of conduct. We ask that you stand with the College of Family and Consumer Sciences and keep everyone safe. For more information about the College of Family and Consumer Sciences’ Community Health Pledge, visit https://www.fcs.uga.edu/ssac/community-health-pledge

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Diversity: Diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. The term "diversity" encompasses differences of culture, background and experience among individuals and groups. Such differences include, but are not limited to, differences of race, ethnicity, national origin, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, and abilities, as well as political and religious affiliation and socioeconomic status. The College of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia embraces a commitment to diversity by modeling for the state and nation, a community of individuals and programs which seek to reduce prejudice, disparities, and discrimination and build a supportive environment for all. More about diversity.

Academic honesty: "I will be academically honest in all of my academic work and will not tolerate academic dishonesty of others." A Culture of Honesty, the University's policy and procedures for handling cases of suspected dishonesty, can be found can be found at: https://honesty.uga.edu/Academic-Honesty-Policy/. All academic work must meet the standards outlined in “A Culture of Honesty” found at: http://honesty.uga.edu/

Course Plans: The course syllabus is a general plan for the course; deviations announced to the class by the instructor may be necessary.

Accommodations due to disability: If you plan to request accommodations for a disability, please register with the Disability Resource Center (DRC). The DRC can be reached by visiting Clark Howell Hall, by calling 706-542-8719 (voice) or 706-542-8778 (TTY), or by visiting http://drc.uga.edu.

Mental Health and Wellness Resources: If you or someone you know needs assistance, you are encouraged to contact Student Care and Outreach in the Division of Student Affairs at 706-542-7774 or visit https://sco.uga.edu. They will help you navigate any difficult circumstances you may be facing by connecting you with the appropriate resources or services. UGA has several resources for a student seeking mental health services (https://www.uhs.uga.edu/bewelluga/bewelluga) or crisis support (https://www.uhs.uga.edu/info/emergencies). If you need help managing stress anxiety, relationships, etc., please visit BeWellUGA (https://www.uhs.uga.edu/bewelluga/bewelluga) for a list of FREE workshops, classes, mentoring, and health coaching led by licensed clinicians and health educators in the University Health Center. Additional resources can be accessed through the UGA App.

FERPA Notice: The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) grants students certain information privacy rights. FERPA allows disclosure of directory information (name, address, telephone, email, date of birth, place of birth, major, activities, degrees, awards, prior schools), unless a https://reg.uga.edu/_resources/documents/imported/FERPARequestForRestriction.pdf  is submitted to the Registrar's Office.


Resources for Student-Parents: If you or someone you know is in a phase of life that involves parenting (or the expectation of parenting), there are resources available to assist you. Student Care and Outreach within the Office of the Dean of Students is available to provide you with important information and resources; you can contact them at 706-542-7774.

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