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Sample Course Plan

This is not an official degree plan. This plan is for advising purposes only. Students taking chemistry courses outside of University System of Georgia (USG) institutions must pass the American Chemistry Society (ACS) end of course examination in order for the course to fulfill the requirement within the department.

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Engl 1101 (I)3 Engl 1102 (I)3
Math 1113 (I)3 Social Science (V)3
CHEM 1211/1211L (II)4 CHEM 1212/1212L (VI)4
PSYC 1101 (V)3 BIOL 1107/1107L (II)4
FACS 2000 1 World Language & Culture (IV)3
Freshman Odyssey 1
15 17
STAT 2000 (III)4 MIBO 2500/2500L* 4
CHEM 2211/2211L (VI)4 HDFS 2100 or FHCE 2100 (VI)3
COMM 1100 (IV)3 Social Science (V)3
World Language & Culture (IV)3 World Lang. & Culture (IV)3
PE 1 FDNS 2100 (VI)3
15 16
BCMB 3100 4 CBIO 2210 / 2210L 4
CBIO 2200/2200L (VI)4 FDNS 3100 3
Major Elective 3 FDNS 3610/3610L 4
FDNS 3600/3600L 4 FDNS 4600 2
FDNS 5900 1
15 14
FDNS 4100 3 FDNS 4530 4
FDNS 4610 1 FDNS 4620 2
FDNS 4510 3 FDNS 4540 3
FDNS 4500 3 FDNS 4520 2
FDNS 4645 2 FDNS 4070 1
Major Electives 3 FDNS 4660S 3
15 15

*Please be aware that it is important for you to register for the required microbiology course for your major (MIBO 2500/2500L or MIBO 3000/3000L) before year 4. The sample course plan lists microbiology in spring of year 2 to avoid course schedule conflicts. If you delay taking microbiology until year 4, it is likely that the sections offered will conflict with your other required courses, and as a result, you will not graduate on time. You could consider taking this course during a summer semester if taking it in spring of year 2 is not feasible. If you need help identifying the appropriate semester to enroll in microbiology, please contact your advisor. 

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