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  • Cami Crosby

    Cami Crosby

    Featured Graduates

    FACS courses have given Crosby a unique insight into consumer behavior

  • Courtney Koop

    Courtney Koop

    Featured Graduates

    Intro class was all it took for Koop to make fashion merchandising her major

  • Julia Patterson

    Julia Patterson

    Featured Graduates

    Patterson's heart for children and families drew her to HDFS major

  • Molly McTier

    Molly McTier

    Featured Graduates

    HDFS aligns with McTier's passions for whole-person health, youth and community development

  • Gaby Esparza

    Gaby Esparza

    Featured Graduates

    Esparza discovered a passion for both applied consumer analytics and housing during her time in FACS

  • Kwesi Rand

    Kwesi Rand

    Featured Graduates

    Rand credits accessible faculty for helping him maximize his learning potential

  • Rachel Voges

    Rachel Voges

    Featured Graduates

    HDFS major grateful she found her way to Dawson Hall

  • Sage Royston

    Sage Royston

    Featured Graduates

    Royston developed an early passion for investigating the relationship between food and health

  • Molly Arrowood

    Molly Arrowood

    Featured Graduates

    Financial planning combines Arrowood' love of finance with her passion for helping people

  • Caroline Wieler

    Caroline Wieler

    Featured Graduates

    Future Registered Dietitian hopes to inspire confidence in others through healthy living, adventure and positivity.

  • Paris Moorman

    Paris Moorman

    Featured Graduates

    Moorman chose financial planning to help low to moderate income families achieve financial well-being

  • Taylor Newman

    Taylor Newman

    Featured Graduates

    Newman aspires to use her skills to inform food and nutrition policy to increase access to healthful food

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