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Human Development and Family Science

  • Julia Patterson

    Julia Patterson

    Featured Graduates

    Patterson's heart for children and families drew her to HDFS major

  • Molly McTier

    Molly McTier

    Featured Graduates

    HDFS aligns with McTier's passions for whole-person health, youth and community development

  • Rachel Voges

    Rachel Voges

    Featured Graduates

    HDFS major grateful she found her way to Dawson Hall

  • Jenna Sourdiff

    Jenna Sourdiff

    Featured Graduates

    Sourdiff credits HDFS for helping deepen her passion for serving others

  • Hanna Harrison

    Hanna Harrison

    Featured Graduates

    FACS First Honor Graduate looking forward to nursing career.

  • Hannah Robinson

    Hannah Robinson

    Spring 2020 Featured Graduates

    Robinson credits faculty, staff for making her feel right at home in Dawson Hall.

  • Alyssa Andrews

    Alyssa Andrews

    Spring 2020 Featured Graduates

    Andrews: 'Impact the college has on its students’ lives is immense'

  • Kaela Yamini

    Kaela Yamini

    Spring 2020 Featured Graduates

    HDFS major is Boston-bound to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

  • Amanda Peskin

    Amanda Peskin

    Spring 2020 Featured Graduates

    HDFS major has law school in her future.

  • Amanda Ablan

    Amanda Ablan

    Spring 2020 Featured Graduates

    Ablan drawn to HDFS major because of its depth, flexibility.

  • Alexis Grace Smith

    Alexis Grace Smith

    Spring 2020 Featured Graduates

    FACS helped Smith find her place and a sense of family at UGA.

  • Erin Mason

    Erin Mason

    Spring 2020 Featured Graduates

    Double major now pursuing master's degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

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