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Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

  • Courtney Koop

    Courtney Koop

    Featured Graduates

    Intro class was all it took for Koop to make fashion merchandising her major

  • Samuel Kim

    Samuel Kim

    Featured Graduates

    Kim praises college's engaged and diverse culture that embraces collaboration, positivity and professional development

  • McKenzie Blevins

    McKenzie Blevins

    Featured Graduates

    Blevins credits TMI staff, faculty members for helping chart her course

  • Nicole Crawford

    Nicole Crawford

    Spring 2020 Featured Graduates, Current Students

    As a student, Nicole Crawford has helped make positive changes as an ambassador in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences.

  • Caroline Kopot

    Caroline Kopot

    Spring 2020 Featured Graduates

    International merchandising student bound for faculty position at Missouri.

  • Heath Allen

    Heath Allen

    Spring 2020 Featured Graduates

    Love for fashion industry developed early in life.

  • Niasia Ferguson

    Niasia Ferguson

    Spring 2020 Featured Graduates

    Ferguson found a home at FACS the minute she walked into the drafting studio.

  • Katharine Freiberg

    Katharine Freiberg

    Spring 2020 Featured Graduates

    Growing up near fashion capital NYC fueled passion for the industry.

  • Arin Abasi

    Arin Abasi

    Spring 2020 Featured Graduates

    Love of all things fashion developed early in life.

  • Reilley Shamblin

    Reilley Shamblin

    Spring 2020 Featured Graduates

    Her love for fashion stems from her connection to people.

  • Sergiy Minko

    Sergiy Minko


    Georgia Power Professor of Fiber and Polymer Science Sergiy Minko directs UGA’s NSM Lab.

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