Claire Maiona

Claire Maiona

Human Development and Family Science

Maiona changed her major to HDFS her junior year and never looked back


Lake Forest, California 


Human Development and Family Science

  • Board Member - Women's Ministry - Catholic Student Association
  • Volunteer - Extra Special People
  • Small Group Leader - Ignite Student Ministry - Catholic Center at UGA
  • Ultimate Frisbee Team Member - UGA Rec Sports.
Why I chose my major

HDFS was originally my minor. As I took more classes, I fell in love with the subject, the faculty and how applicable the content was to my everyday life. I changed my major to HDFS my junior year and never looked back. One thing I love about HDFS is that it combines psychology, sociology and biology to understand how people change over time. 

What I like most about FACS

I have always felt as if FACS cared for my whole self, not just the part of me that is a student. Beyond the numerous resources FACS offers its students, the professors are some of the kindest and most caring people I have encountered at UGA. 

Post-graduation plans

Following a two-month traveling stint, I will be moving to Nashville to work as a Health and Benefits Specialist at Aon. 

Photo credit

Hannah Jane Kedzerski

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