Jimmy Cochran

Jimmy Cochran

Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics

Cochran inspired by the passion for helping others demonstrated by faculty, fellow students


Baldwin, Ga.


Dual major in financial planning and consumer economics


Zell Miller Scholarship; President’s List; Dean’s List; president of the Club Cross Country and Track Team (Spring 2020 - Fall 2021); secretary of the Student Financial Planning Association (Fall 2020 - Spring 2022); captain for the UGA AFCPE Knowledge Bowl Team (Fall 2021); alternate for the UGA AFCPE Knowledge Bowl Team (Fall 2020); financial service provider at the ASPIRE Clinic (Fall 2021); VITA Tax Manager (Spring 2022); member of the Navigators (Fall 2020 - Present)

Why I chose my major

I came into the financial planning major after my general advisor told me that it involves math and that, more important to me, it helps people. I stayed because I saw how relevant finances are to people’s lives, from my family and our farm to the well-to-do corporate executive to the neighbor down the street. It affects our emotions, and in turn, our behaviors, which I wanted to explore more. As for consumer economics, I feel it gives me a different perspective on having an awareness of how we as a society are affected by consumerism as well as how we have tools that we can draw upon to help us be informed in making economic transactions.

What I like most about FACS

The passion that everyone has, not only for what we’re learning, but also for what we’re being shaped to do - helping others. It makes it a whole lot easier to engage with the material and connect with students and faculty, who are also great!

Post-graduation plans

I am applying for the master’s in financial planning with the behavioral finance track as I really enjoy the interplay between the mental/behavioral component of people with financial tools and education. After that, I would like to work in some way that involves behaviors with financial planning through a financial planning firm, financial counseling or some other route.

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