Sofie Wood

Sofie Wood

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

Sophie is passionate about helping cater towards consumers in their purchasing habits.

Your major

Fashion Merchandising

How would you describe your passion?

I am passionate about helping cater towards consumers in their purchasing habits. I want to help them find clothes that make them feel confident and appreciated.

Post-graduation plans

I will be attending the University of Georgia to pursue my Master's degree in Applied Consumer Analytics.

Your internship position (title or brief description of role)

Apparel Quality Analysis and Data Science Intern

Internship company name

Perazim Boutique

What you did for your internship
  1. I managed our emails by integrating different apps and creating new email campaigns and flows. Also, I developed ways to re-engage inactive customers.
  2. I created content and managed our Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I implemented posting schedules and made our content more interactive to encourage our customers to connect with us.
  3. I updated and edited our existing Shopify e-commerce platform throughout my internship. I added a live chat feature and updated the overall look of the website to best suit our customers.
  4. I built a new website for the owners from scratch to help promote a related business. Through this, I learned how to code a website and work with Wordpress and BlueHost.
  5. I handled inventory in-store and online as well as attended Atlanta Apparel Mart to help purchase for the upcoming seasons. This included adding new products to our website, taking physical inventory, and running quality analysis inspections on all of our new merchandise.
  6. I helped run the boutique when my managers were not available. I would manage customer relations throughout the day while also overseeing the operations of the physical location. In addition, I helped plan our third anniversary/birthday regarding our in-store and online celebrations.

During these different tasks, I worked to research and develop plans to increase our customer interactions which would hopefully increase our sales and success overall.

Up to three things you learned from your internship
  1. Make an effort to connect with the customer so you can better cater to them. Customers are the driving force behind the decisions and operations of a business. Knowing your customer well and understanding your relationship with them and their expectations of you will allow you to be more intentional in the business decisions you make.
  2. Communicate with your team as much as you can. Cross-functional teams are inevitable in the workplace, and knowing how to communicate with those you work with is pertinent to doing a successful job. If you keep your coworkers and managers in the loop on the progress of your projects, they usually can better proceed with their own projects or help you when needed.
  3. If you are managing any form of social media, consistent posting is important. The more you have to offer the algorithm, the more the customers will see your content. This will engage the customers and keep the company at the forefront of their mind which is important in encouraging continued support of your brand.
Your advice for future interns
  1. Don't be afraid to share your ideas with your peers, coworkers, and managers. Any idea could be considered a good idea if pursued, so it never hurts to suggest these to the people you work with.
  2. If you are dealing with consumers, especially in the fashion industry, continuously dig deeper into their customer purchasing habits. These habits are bound to change as new trends and new technologies develop, and staying on top of these changes will help you, your company, and the consumer in the long run.
  3. When beginning a new project for your company regarding analytics, ask them for as much insight as they have before you start. Find the pain points and problem areas the company is facing, so from there you can develop a more strategic plan of action to help them.
  4. You can never have too much data. When you are trying to decide what analytics may be important in the project you are working, collect any and all data that is offered to you. Oftentimes, you do not know the importance of specific analytics until the end of the project.
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