Valerie Chertin

Valerie Chertin

Nutritional Sciences

Valerie Chertin received her MS in 2013 and is a clinical dietitian at Atlanta Medical Center.

FDN degree and year of graduation

MS in Food and Nutrition, 2013

Mentor and brief summary of research while a student at UGA

Dr. Richard Lewis; Analyzed the effect of Zinc supplementation on bone turnover markers in young-adolescent females, in a 4-week randomized control trial.

Current position

Clinical Dietitian at Atlanta Medical Center

Description of current job

I work in an acute care setting covering Vascular and Cardiovascular ICU and Med/Surg units. I serve on the Oncology committee and Nutrition sub-committee. Currently, my colleagues and I are implementing new malnutrition diagnosing criteria throughout the hospital, which include proposing and assembling an interdisciplinary nutrition support team and performing nutrition focused physical assessments on patients at risk for malnutrition. I am also a member of GAND and ASPEN, and am working toward obtaining my CNSC.

The primary reason you chose to attend UGA and be a part of the Department of Foods and Nutrition

I wanted to combine my passion for research with nutrition and dietetics. UGA not only provided me with a great experience in both of my passion areas, but gave me the tools to succeed as a nutrition care professional.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I was very lucky to be a part of the Lewis Lab. It was challenging, rewarding and truly the best Graduate experience that surpassed any expectations.

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