Victoria Santini

Victoria Santini

Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics

Now a Certified Financial Planner, Santini found professional success through networking as a student


Bachelor of Science in Financial Planning (2019)

Current Occupation/Location

Planning Associate at SignatureFD

What has been your proudest accomplishment since graduating?

Passing the CFP® exam in November 2019 and building fruitful relationships with clients.

What was your favorite class in FACS?

Tax Planning with Dr. Palmer

Did you have a favorite – or most memorable – faculty member?

I loved all my professors, but Effie Antonoudi sticks out in my mind. Effie and I went to Greece together in 2017 for the 2-week study abroad program and we made so many great memories together on the trip. After the program, we stayed connected and she became one of my biggest champions.

How do you think FACS prepared you for your career success?

As a student, I was lucky enough to attend various conferences across the U.S. Conferences allowed me to network with professionals and apply concepts from the classroom. Eventually, the connections I made turned into internship opportunities and full-time positions post-graduation.

What inspires or motivates you?

My family and my client’s success

What advice would you give a current FACS student looking to pursue a career in your field?

Find a mentor and lean into that relationship. The individuals in this profession are so willing to help, all you have to do is ask!

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