Applied Consumer Analytics

With the Consumer Analytics course sequence, students learn how to combine statistical analysis with evidence-based storytelling to support decisions that improve well-being for consumers, communities, institutions, and organizations.

Why Consumer Analytics?

  • Gain real-world, hands-on experience
  • Master statistics as a simple, applied toolkit
  • Learn to guide strategy, innovation, and policy through analytics
  • Gain confidence to work in the insights-driven world 

Choose Your Path:

  • Take one or more Consumer Analytics courses
  • Complete the series of courses to earn an undergraduate emphasis
  • Enroll in Double Dawgs to earn graduate credits
  • Earn a Master’s Degree in Applied Consumer Analytics

Course Sequence

FHCE 4000/6000: Evidence-based Strategy: 

  • Build an analytical toolkit with focus on bivariate and multivariate analysis 
  • Develop expert Excel skills 
  • Master effective storytelling methods that inspire action 
  • Complete real-world case studies of increasing complexity 

FHCE 5050/7050: Evidence-based Innovation 

  • Discover the role of statistical analysis in design thinking and innovation 
  • See first-hand how statistics can serve as creative inspiration 
  • Learn how factor and cluster analysis can reveal meaningful needs and opportunities 
  • Define and test new concepts through experiments and conjoint design 
  • Master SPSS as a statistical tool 

FHCE 5150/7150: Evidence-based Policy 

  • Discover the ways in which analytics can inform policy development and implementation 
  • Learn to assess the strengths and weaknesses of government and/or organizational policy 
  • Work with large consumer-based information 
  • Gain experience in SAS and R 

FHCE 5960/7960: Consumer Analytics Internship 

  • Put your skills to work 
  • Refine your ability to contribute to organizational decisions and success 
  • Add to your project portfolio for job interviews 

Key Faculty

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