Consumer Economics @ Griffin

UGA’s College of Family and Consumer Sciences offers its Bachelor of Science in Consumer Economics and Consumer Economics with an optional emphasis in Financial Planning at the UGA Griffin Campus in South Atlanta. The Degree completion program is perfect for transfer students and those seeking a second degree.

The Consumer Economics major develops the understanding of consumer decision-making in an environment characterized by changing technology, demographic trends and globalization.

In addition, you'll develop an understanding of:

  • Consumer finance
  • The study of how institutions provide goods and services to satisfy the financial functions of households
  • How consumers make financial decisions
  • How government action affects the provision of financial services

You'll participate in internships and have Study Away opportunities.

Value of a UGA Consumer Economics Degree

  • Financial planning, consumer economics and consumer finance has a very strong impact in today’s global economy
  • Most Business schools and traditional economics departments spend relatively little class time on financial planning, consumer economics and consumer finance
  • Consumer finance is a substantial element of the financial sector and a substantial driver of the economy (Peter Tufano, Harvard Business School and National Bureau of Economic Research scholar)
  • In 2014, in the United States according to the Federal Reserve Statistical Release, households and non-profit organizations held 69.1 trillion in financial assets. Corporate businesses held only $21.9 trillion in financial assets, approximately one-third that of households.
  • Payment systems used by consumers move trillions of dollars through the economy
  • The subprime mortgage market contributed to the most recent economic crisis
  • Recovery has been highly dependent on the rate of consumer borrowing and spending

Value of the UGA Griffin Campus

  • Schedule flexibility for non-traditional students
  • Small class size
  • Faculty mentoring students
  • Individual attention from professors


  • Government Agencies, consumer organizations and corporations to pursue careers in:
    • Consumer protection
    • Public policy
    • Financial services
    • Consumer search
    • Communication
  • Human Resources
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Retail Banking
  • Resource Management
  • Insurance

UGA-Griffin Admission Deadlines

Fall Semester – July 15

Spring Semester – November 15

Summer Semester – May 1

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