Roadmap to Improving Financial Stress Through the EITC

  • Increase Household Income

    Check out the resources below to connect with Athens Career Center, Athens Human Resources Department, and East Athens Development Corp to find your next job!

  • Claim the EITC

    You worked. Now get the refund you deserve by scheduling your FREE tax prep appointment to claim your EITC benefit. Text or call us at (706) 592-8237 or click here to schedule your appointment.

  • Increase Human Capital

    These resources can help when thinking about applying for financial aid, searching for workforce training programs, and career workshops.

  • Decrease Financial Stress

    With the additional income from your new job and the EITC, you'll be better able to purchase necessities. To learn about other ways to increase your financial stability, check out these resources.

  • Prevent ACEs

    Adverse Childs Experiences (ACEs) can be reduced when you're financial needs are met and stress in the home goes down. To learn about ACEs and other ways to protect your children from ACE risk factors, click here, watch the video below, and see the local resources below.

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