I found an internship. Now what?

Image text: Find an internship, Assemble application forms, Complete the application, Register and begin internship

1. Prepare documents you will need to upload with your application

  • Memorandum of Understanding - See Forms page for more explanation. Completed and signed by your internship organization. Must be routed through UGA Legal Department before you can begin your internship.

Top Mistakes: Not submitting the MOU in sufficient time to get approval, submitting an image of your MOU that is poor quality (scans are the safest way to go), having anything handwritten on your application or MOU

  • Internship Goals and Expectations - Contains the objectives of your internship and the expectations that your internship organization has of you. Completed by you and your internship supervisor. Signed by your supervisor. Note that if you are taking FHCE 5960 or 7960, you must also complete a quantitative analysis project. While the project specifics can be identified during the internship, you need to confirm with your supervisor that this can be done.
  • Intern Expectations - Contains our expectations of you as an intern. Signed by you. 

2. Complete and submit the online application with the documents identified above

3. Wait for the MOU to be routed through UGA Legal and the Dean's Office for signature.

This process can take up to three weeks to complete so plan ahead. You cannot begin your internship until this step is completed.

4. Register for the course (if doing the internship for credit)

Once the MOU is approved, the course professor will notify you. Then go on Athena to register for FHCE 5910/7910/5960/7960.

Change the number of hours of academic credit to what you indicated on your application (View Instructions).

Top Mistake: Not changing the hours of credit. The system defaults to 2 credit hours.

About 48 hours after you register you will have access to the eLC site for the course. Go to eLC and read the information there to learn what is expected and how to log your hours.

Waive fees if you qualify: If you only register for FHCE 5910/7910/5960/7960 and will not be on campus for other classes this semester, you will be able to waive many of the fees in Athena. FHCE 5910/7910/5960/7960 is coded in such a way that you can waive fees that apply to services that you won’t be on campus to use. The biggest part of mandatory fees is the special institutional fee ($450). If you take less than 5 credit hours, the fee will be reduced by 50%. The technology fee is not waivable.

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