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How to Volunteer

To volunteer for this clinic, you will need to register for FHCE 4235S (undergraduate) or FHCE 6235S (graduate) which are both 3 credit hours and take place each Spring semester. You will participate in a lab in which you’ll interact with clients and prepare their taxes both in person and virtually. In addition, you will meet once a week for class to participate in trainings, discuss cases, and learn the best tax preparation and planning practices. 

Required Prerequisite/Corequisite

You will need to have taken a federal income taxation class. The University of Georgia courses that meet this criterion are FHCE 4230/6230, ACCT 5400/7400, or with instructor approval with past work experience.

Spring 2022 Class & Lab Times

Weekly Class Time

  • FHCE 4235S (Undergraduate): Mondays 12:40 pm - 1:30 pm
  • FHCE 6235S (Graduate) - TBD; In an effort the make the class time as convenient as possible for everyone enrolled, we don’t have a set meeting time yet. In January before classes start, we will send out a poll to all students in the graduate section to determine a time that works for all. 

In-person VITA Lab (Location: Georgia United Credit Union)

  • Tuesday: 5:10 pm-9:25 pm
  • Wednesday: 5:10 pm-9:25 pm
  • Thursday: 5:10 pm-9:25 pm
  • Saturday: 8:45 am-1:00 pm

Virtual VITA Lab (Location: Charles Schwab Financial Planning Center)

  • Monday and Wednesday: 9:00-11:00 am
  • Monday and Wednesday: 3:50 pm-5:50 pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 9:35 am-11:35 am
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 3:50 pm-5:50 pm
  • Friday: 9:10 am-1:15 pm
  • Friday: 1:50 pm-5:55 pm

NOTE: All VITA activities will follow UGA COVID-19 guidelines. 

Meet the UGA VITA Team

Lance Palmer

Lance Palmer

Lance has coordinated UGA VITA for over ten years and teaches the weekly VITA class as well as the prerequisite, FHCE 4230/6230. Lance also leads the in-person VITA sessions at Georgia United Credit Union.

Joan Koonce

Joan Koonce

Joan provides leadership to UGA Virtual VITA by training Cooperative Extension agents, connecting agents with student tax preparers, assisting agents with taxpayers’ questions, and teaching and supervising virtual sessions.

Faith Rasmussen

Faith Rasmussen

Faith helps coordinate UGA VITA program operations, assists with fundraising activities, and serves as lead communication liaison with the IRS. Faith also teaches the undergraduate section of the weekly VITA class and supervises the Virtual VITA lab sessions.

Wil assists with VITA client meetings and coordinates community outreach in Athens.

Aubrey Richardson

Aubrey Richardson

Aubrey is one of the site coordinators for tax season 2022.

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