Social Entrepreneurship Application


Application is due by November 1 for the Fall semester and March 1 for the Spring semester.

Requirements for admission are:

    • Completion of a minimum of 30 credit hours
    • Cum GPA of 2.0 or better
    • GPA of 2.8 or better in Areas I. II, III, & V
    • Statement of career goals and intended area of focus
  • Since Social Entrepreneurship is a high-demand major the number of students admitted in any given semester will be determined by the available number of slots; thus meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the major. 

GPA Requirement: Students must have earned an overall 2.8 or better in courses which count for Areas I, II, III & V. Please identify which courses you wish to count for these areas and figure your overall GPA below. Check the on-line bulletin for a list of courses, which may count for these areas ( If you have had a course waived or received AP credit, note that below and do not include in your totals.

CourseAreaCredit HrsCredit Pts EarnedGPA (Hrs x Pts Earned) 

Criteria for Evaluating Statement of Career Goals

The following criteria will be used in evaluating applicant’s statement of career goals.

  1. Correct grammar, spelling, etc.
  2. Content addresses career goals: Applicant shows evidence that the major is for him/her, that he/she understands the major and that it matches career goals. Applicant shows that he/she understands how the Social Entrepreneurship course sequence and intended content area fit together to help one accomplish his/her career goals.
  3. Content addresses future: Applicant mentions possible careers for the future and indicates that he/she has given serious thought to his/her future and the major.
  4. Creativity: Applicant shows that he/she has given thought to the composition and that it does not sound like all other applications.
  5. Only one (1) page, typed, single-spaced. Essays longer than one page will provide evidence that the applicant cannot follow directions. Please provide a title for your essay and include your student ID # (810). Do not put your name on your essay.
Format: 000-000-0000

A content area is the topic or substantive area in which you would like to work. Examples include diversity and inclusion, women's issues, social determinants of health, and entrepreneurship and poverty. You get to choose your topic area.

Please read and sign the following: I have neither given nor received any unauthorized help in the development and writing of the statement of career goals.


  1. Have you attached a one-page essay that states how this major fits your career goals? (See Criteria for Evaluating Career Goals below.)
  2. Have you attached a current copy of a DegreeWorks Audit (UGA’s record of the courses you have taken) formatted for an Intended-Social Entrepreneurship major? You can print it from
  3. Have you highlighted the courses on your Audit which you have entered on your application for Areas I, II, III, & V?
  4. Have your figured your GPA correctly?
  5. Have you noted your intended content area (meaning the substantive topic of interest to you)?
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