December 4, 2023
Author: Anisa Zvonkovic  | 706-542-4879  | More about Anisa

Dean’s message 

I hope you are looking forward to FACS convocation and UGA commencement as well as so many other end-of-the-year rituals in our professional and personal lives. We in the Dean’s Office are busily planning for next semester!


This update has information from the FACS DEI committee and important updates about storage for emails and OneDrive and Sharepoint (new limits – you’ll need to move files!). Other than that, we are winding down the semester. Please pay attention to deadlines for grading.  

It’s also a time for celebrating – FACS convocation is Friday, December 15 at 1 p.m. in Mahler Hall at the Georgia Center. We appreciate the folks who have registered to attend and those who volunteered to help.  

We are happy to let you know that Dean’s Office Staff member Karli Cotton’s baby is healthy – Annistyn was born on November 21.  

I was happy to see so many of you at the FACS night at the State Botanical Garden’s Winter Wonderlights. 

Changes to Microsoft Storage for OneDrive, UGAMail and SharePoint for certain account types 

Effective February 1, 2024, departmental, affiliate, applicant, and retiree accounts will have a cap for storage. OneDrive storage for these accounts will be capped at 100 GB. UGAMail mailbox storage will be capped at 25 GB. 

If you are the owner of one of these account types and storage goes over these limits, your account will go into read-only mode. You will not be able to add any more files or receive new mail until you move or delete old files or mail and bring your account under the storage quota. 


How can I check and manage my current storage? 

·       How to check your UGAMail account storage: 

·       How to manage your OneDrive storage: 


How can I maximize my OneDrive and SharePoint storage if I have one of these account types? 

  • If you own a departmental account, you can move files from your departmental account to a personal account and share those files with others. Keep in mind, if you leave UGA, your personal OneDrive will be disabled. You must transfer any shared files to a new owner before you leave. 

  • Rather than using a departmental account to store and share files, create a Team using your personal account and share documents through a Team SharePoint site. 

DEI tags in FACS events calendar 

In an effort to increase awareness of all the wonderful things our FACS faculty, staff and students are doing to support inclusion in our college, we would like to encourage everyone to add events related to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion to the FACS calendar. Please consider adding to the calendar any public events, meetings, presentations, brown bags, luncheons, etc. that have implications for socioeconomic, urban/rural variability or different racial, ethnic, ability, sexual or gender identity issues.  Instructions on how to add events to the calendar are below: 

If you'd like to publicize a DEI event to the FACS and UGA calendars, contact the office manager of your department and provide them with the following info about your event: 

  1. Title 

  2. When 

  3. Where 

  4. Instructions to tag it with "facsdei" in the "Tags" field 

The FACS calendar broadcasts events: 

  1. At the top right of the front page of the college, under the main image.  

  2. In the Events calendar 

  3. In any page that includes relevant events (e.g., a department front page that is set to include that department's events) 

  4. The event could even be the main image on the front page if a high-quality image (2800x1234) is included. Have your office manager get in touch with Cal Powell ( to request this.