June 30, 2022
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I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and getting some time to travel and spend with friends and family. As you all know, our new dean, Anisa Zvonkovic will be starting her duties tomorrow, July 1. I am looking forward to assisting her with the transition and excited about the future of our college under her leadership.

Selected Faculty and Staff Updates

Connie Rogers will be joining us August 1, 2022 as the new Department Head for Nutritional Sciences. Dr. Rogers currently serves as associate director of the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences at Penn State and was recently promoted to professor of nutritional sciences and physiology within the College of Health and Human Development.

Michael Gorman will be joining us July 1 as our new Human Resources Manager. Mike brings with him extensive experience. Most recently, he is serving as Human Resources Director with UGA Human Resources. Prior to that he also worked in the Office of Faculty Affairs as a Faculty Affairs Specialist, then as Assistant Director. His office will be 350 Dawson Hall. Delilah Nageotte, our Human Resources Coordinator, will now be located in 357 Dawson.

Kathy Adams will be joining us in the Dean’s Office on July 11 as the Administrative Specialist supporting External Relations. She is currently working in UGA’s Development and Alumni Relations Office for Special Events as an Administrative Associate.

Please join me in congratulating the following individuals who will be starting new positions with FACS on August 1.

  • Kim Rich Meister, Assistant Professor in Furnishings and Interiors (TMI)
  • Catie O’Neal, Assistant Professor in Lifespan (HDFS)
  • Niyantri Ravindran, Assistant Professor in Lifespan (HDFS)
  • Stephanie Whitten, Clinical Assistant Professor in Child Life (HDFS)

See a list of all individuals who have created a new FACS profile in the past two months: https://www.fcs.uga.edu/people/new_employees

Email Etiquette

When emailing:

  • Be sure the subject line pertains to the content of the email.
  • Briefly summarize what action is needed by the responder.
    • Don’t expect the reader to sift through the entire email thread
    • Include due dates at the top of the email (not bottom)
  • Include all the attachments you are referring to in each email so the reader does not need to trace back multiple emails.
  • Try to keep emails as succinct as possible.
  • Think about where your email could end up. Emails can be forwarded and saved by the recipient.
  • Double check the recipient before pushing ‘send’ (sometimes it’s a listserv or accidental “reply all”)
  • If emailing FACSBUS, FACSHR, FACSDEAN, FACSASSOCDEANS, there is no need to also cc individuals in those offices as the email will be forwarded to the correct people..
  • Install the Grammarly plug-in for Outlook to assist with proofreading. Submit a help ticket here https://www.fcs.uga.edu/otis

Facilities Updates

The following updates to support innovation, technology, wellness, and inclusion are in progress or recently completed. Thank you to Casey Crane for helping make these things happen.

  • Seating for students in the hallways of Dawson and the first floor Dawson student lounge space will be updated and a new mural will be installed on the south wall of the main entry to Dawson (across from the Student Success and Advising Center).
  • donor recognition wall will be installed in the hallway outside of 110 Dawson and a recognition wall will be installed in the hallway outside of 216 Dawson. The interactive monitors have been installed and await the rest of the installation by late July. The original design for the project was created by Furnishings and Interiors students Brooke Bauerkemper and Camden Jones.
  • New chairs have been ordered for six classrooms (312, 379, 306, 308, & 116 Dawson & 205 Barrow) and two computer labs (211 & 216 Barrow).
  • 208 Dawson will be transitioned to an active learning flex space. This classroom will be used as a test case by UGA as part of an assessment conducted for the Quality Enhancement Plan.
  • New computers for 216 Barrow are being set up and new computers for 69 graduate students have been ordered.  
  • Conference rooms 207 and 216 Dawson are being updated. 216 Dawson’s renovation is based on the design by Furnishings and Interiors student Elliott Anderson.
  • Jung Sun Lee’s research lab space in Barrow Hall has been updated. Carla Schwan’s lab space in Dawson is in the process of being updated.
  • The Child Development Lab (CDL) staff lounge was updated and new appliances were purchased for the Barrow lounge and Dawson kitchen.
  • The CDL outdoor space has been landscaped and is now safe for children and families to use. Outdoor seating was added to the front of Dawson Hall and outdoor furniture has been ordered for the House C porch.
  • 113 Dawson has been updated and will now house Destination Dawgs.

Faculty Advisory Committee Update

Below is the updated list of FACS Faculty Advisory Committee Members for FY23.

            2021-2023                                           2022-2024                         

            FHCE: Lu Fan                                     NUTR: Claire de La Serre           

            TMI: Laura McAndrews                      HDFS: Maria Bermudez           

            Assoc Professor: Geoffrey Brown      Professor: Lance Palmer

            PSO (non-rank): vacant                      Asst.Prof: Kalsea Koss

            Inst/Lect:  Kim Rich Meister

College Promotion and Tenure Committee Update

Sergiy Minko from TMI is representing FACS on the University Review Committee. Suraj Sharma will serve in his place on the College Promotion and Tenure Committee. The FY23 College P&T Committee will be: Diane Bales, Noel Card, Jung Sun Lee, Alex Anderson, Suraj Sharma, Yoo-Kyoung Seock, Andrew Carswell, and Kristy Archuleta.

Our University Review Committee Representatives are Steve Kogan and Sergiy Minko. John Grable recently completed his term, so I will be submitting three nominees for the Provost to choose as a replacement. 

Stay up to date

Make sure to check out our news page to stay informed on other developments within the college.

Upcoming Dates

  • UGA New Faculty Orientation, August 2-3
  • North Georgia Tour for FACS Department Heads, Associate Deans, and Dean, noon August 9 – August 10.
  • FACS New Faculty Orientation, 8:30 a.m.-11 a.m., August 5
  • FACS New Faculty Intro to Athens, afternoon of August 8
  • Back to School Picnic, August 15
  • Lynn Bailey Retirement Reception, 4-6 p.m. August 16, Special Collections Libraries
  • Fall Classes Begin, August 17


Sheri Lokken Worthy, Ph.D.