Emma Wulff

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Human Development and Family Science

M.S. Human Development and Family Science Student, Graduate Research Assistant

Emma Wulff is an aspiring couples and family therapist with an interest in studying relationship dynamics between mothers and fathers, as well as how parental attitudes and behaviors may be influenced by the ecological systems surrounding them.

Dawson Hall
305 Sanford Dr.
Athens, GA 30602




Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
Bachelor of Science Psychology University of Georgia 2023


Current research interests include the following:

Potential predictors of maternal gatekeeping behaviors, including socioeconomic status, relationship quality, influence of gender norms and stereotypes/ gender ideology in regards to parenting, parenting expectations, and whether the pregnancy was planned or unplanned

The difference between inhibitory vs. facilitative gatekeeping behaviors, and how gatekeeping can be a protective factor in certain scenarios

Parenting relationships and quality, and the effect this can have on childrearing behaviors and outcomes


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
Graduate Research Assistantship University of Georgia 2023-2024

Job Description

Supporting employee of Project F.R.E.E., Elevate Couples Program:

Center Navigator, working under Brittney Thompson and Dr. Ted Futris.

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