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Joseph Goetz

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics


207 Charles Schwab Financial Planning Center
407 Sanford Dr.
Athens, GA 30602


workFax: 706-542-4397


Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
Ph.D. Consumer Economics & Financial Planning Texas Tech University 2006
M.S. Personal Financial Planning Texas Tech University 2003
M.A. Psychology & Financial Counseling Texas Tech University 2003
B.A. Psychology & Statistics University of Missouri 1998


  • Advanced Financial Plan Development
  • Advanced Financial Counseling and Client Communication
  • Advanced Practice Management in Financial Planning
  • Clinical Practicum in Financial Planning


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
Creative Teaching Award UGA Office of the VP for Instruction 2019
Bill & June Flatt Outstanding Teacher of the Year University of Georgia - FACS 2019
Program Excellence in Pro Bono Award CFP Board & FFP 2019
Service-Learning Research Excellence Award UGA Office of Service-Learning 2019
FACS 100 Centennial Honoree University of Georgia 2018
Bill & June Flatt Outstanding Outreach Award University of Georgia - FACS 2017
Financial Counselor of the Year Award AFCPE 2013
Richard B. Russell Excellence in Teaching Award University of Georgia 2012
Robert Herrmann Outstanding Dissertation Award American Council on Consumer Interests 2007

Editorial Appointments

Position Name of Journal Year(s)
Editorial Board Member Journal of Personal Finance 2012-Present
Editorial Board Member Journal of Financial Therapy 2011-Present


Organization Title Year(s) Service Type
The Ark Board member 2014-Present Regional
Financial Therapy Association President 2013 National

Areas of Expertise

  • Invesment Portfolio Management; Wealth Accumulation & Preservation
  • Comprehensive Financial Plannning
  • Retirement Income Distribution Planning

Professional Experience

Founding Partner and Financial Planner - Elwood & Goetz Wealth Advisory Group - A Fiduciary-Only, Fee-Only, NAPFA-Registered, SEC-Registered, Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management Firm with offices in Athens, Atlanta, and Charleston - 2006 - Present.


Chatterjee, S., Goetz, J. W., Grable, J., Palmer, L. (2018-2020). Wiley CFP Examination Review. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. [authorship alphabetical; ~800 pages, original edition]

Grable, J., & Goetz, J. (2017). Communication essentials for financial planners: Strategies and Techniques. CFP Board Book Series. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. [240 pages, original edition]​

Current Research

  • Implications of the fiduciary standard on the investment advice process
  • Investment risk tolerance and risk perception factors in portfolio optimization
  • Effectiveness of financial readiness and education programming for US Air Force
  • Effectiveness of theoretically-based financial planning intervention models


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