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Katalin Medvedev

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors


319 Dawson Hall
305 Sanford Dr.
Athens, GA 30602



Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
Ph.D. Cultural Aspects of Apparel University of Minnesota 2006
M.A. Women's Studies University of Northern Iowa 1999
M.A.s English and Russian Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary 1980


Dr. Katalin Medvedev is an international dress and fashion scholar.


Undergraduate and split level courses: TXMI 4230/6230 Dress, Society and Culture:Global Perspectives on Dress; TXMI 3210 Fundamentals of Fashion Merchandising; TXMI 3210-E Fundamentals of Fashion Merchandising Online;  TXMI 3010 Chinese Culture and Fashion; TXMI 4900/6900 Italian Fashion and TXMI 3010 Fashion: Why is it Meaningful? taught in Italy at the UGA Cortona Campus. Graduate courses: TXMI 8290 Fashion Theory and Fashion Studies; TXMI 6900 Contemporary Readings on Fashion and Fashion Kaleidoscope TXMI 4900E. In addtion, I have directed study tours in China, London, New York.  My courses involve extensive research and analytic writing components.


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
University of Georgia Teaching Academy, Class of 2018 UGA 2018
Senior Teaching Fellow UGA 2018
Outstanding Teacher of the Year of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, Bill and June Flatt Award College of Family and Consumer Sciences 2016
UGA Undergraduate Mentor at Early Career Level UGA 2013
Interior Design Educators Council’s Award of Excellence: Best Presentation paper —Teaching Forum for Lee, M., Medvedev, K., & Smith, D. A service-learning case study collaboration between students, faculty and small local retailers. Atlanta, GA. 2010
A Best Presentation paper award for Medvedev, K., Lee, Y. & Choi, Y. J.. A qualitative study on American college students’ attitude toward Korean fashion products. Spring Conference of the Korean Society of Consumer Studies. Seoul, South Korea. 2009

Editorial Appointments

Position Name of Journal Year(s)
Editorial Board Journal of Fashion Technology and Textile Engineering


New Approaches in Diversity Grant  (2019-2021) (funded $6,500).

Advisory Committee

Jaleesa Reed, Ph.D. Graduated. Currently at Cornell University. 

Sha'mira Covington, Ph.D.

Anne McInnis, Ph.D.

Areeb Gul, M.S.

Areas of Expertise

Fashion Peripheries, Gender and Dress, Politics of Dress, Social Sustainability and Dress.

Study Away Trips


Lynch, A., & Medvedev, K. (Eds.), ( 2019).  Fashion, agency and empowerment. London: Bloomsbury. 

Current Research

My ongoing research interests focus on the construction and expression of cultural identity through dress, gender and the politics of dress, fashion and empowerment, fashion peripheries, and fashion and sustainability. My latest large project was editing a book titled Dress and Empowerment for Bloomsbury Publishing. Currently, I explore diversity issues with my Ph.D. students in the fashion industrial complex. Topics include the analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that focus on racial injustice, racialized beauty retail environments, and ageism in the fashion industry. In addition, we are developing a course on fashion and diversity that furthers both fashion and general education. 

Journal Articles

Peer-reviewed journal articles

McInnis, A., & Medvedev, K. (2021). Age, experience and creative labour: Narratives of creative professionals over age 55 in the New York fashion industry. International Journal of Fashion Studies, 8 (2), (281-98). 

Antaki, B., & Medvedev, K. (2021). Bolivian textile crafts and the subversion of institutionalized sustainability. Special Issue on Ethical Fashion and Empowerment, Clothing Cultures, 7 (1), 91-100.

Davis-Bundrage, M., Medvedev, K., Hall, J. (2021). How beauty products use links to Black Lives Matter: Examining beliefs of health threats influence on behavior. Fashion, Style and Popular Culture 8 (1) (37-62).

McInnis, A., & Medvedev, K. (2021). Sartorial appearance management strategies of creative professional women over age 50 in the fashion industry. Fashion Practice 13(1), 25-47.

Meacham, S., McAndrews, L., and  Medvedev, K. (2020). The clothing consumption process of the vintage consumer and sustainable practices for mainstream consumers. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences,112(3), 34-40. 

Covington, S., & Medvedev, K. (2019). Dressing for freedom and justice. Clothing Cultures,6 (2), 215-235.

Antaki, B., & Medvedev, K. (2018). Manos del Uruguay: Exploring the inherent tensions between localism and the global craft economy. Fashion Practice 10(2), 196-212.

Medvedev, K. (2018). A twist in the retail: The rise, fall and reemergence of Budapest as a fashion city. Fashion, Style and Popular Culture 5(2),185-199.

Medvedev, K.  (2017). Cambodian fashion NGOs: Are they doing good? Journal of Textile Engineering and Fashion Technology, 1(4). DOI: 10.15406/jtef.2017.01.00026.

Medvedev, K. (2016). Hungarian women toe the line: How Communist propaganda parallels corporate advertising. Clothing Cultures, 3(1), 41-54.

Davis-Bundrage, M., Medvedev, K. (2016). Teacher training and student learning outcomes in family and consumer sciences: A mentoring and co-teaching case study. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension, 4 (1), 34-50. 

Lawless, E., & Medvedev, K. (2015). Assessment of sustainable design practices in the fashion industry: Experiences of eight small sustainable design companies in the Northeastern and Southeastern United States. International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education, 9(1), 41-50.

Medvedev, K. (2015). The roots of change in the Cambodian contemporary fashion scene.  International Journal of Fashion Studies, 2(1), 9-27.

Medvedev, K., & Reef, B. (2013). Picking up the threads: Model approach helps Cambodia design a new fashion image. Women's Studies Quarterly, 41(1&2), 131-149.

Medvedev, K. (2012). Fashion, retailing and economic progress: The Women's Institute of Saint Paul, 1939 to 1971. Dress, 38(1), 37-54.

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Lewis, D., Medvedev, K., & Seponski, D. M. (2011). Awakening to the desires of older women: Deconstructing ageism within fashion magazines. Journal of Aging Studies, 25(2), 101-109. (Medvedev and Lewis are both first authors).

DeLong, M., Geum, K., Gage, K., McKinney, E., Medvedev, K., & Park, J. (2011). Cultural exchange: Evaluating an alternative model in higher education. Journal of Studies in International Education. 15(1), 41-56.

Roman, M., & Medvedev, K. (2011). The importance of peer approval in the sartorial purchasing patterns of The University of Georgia students in Athens, GA. College Student Journal, 45(1),164-176.

Medvedev, K., Lee, Y., & Choi, Y. J. (2010). An exploratory study on the relationship between country image and the evaluation of fashion products influenced by the ethnic dress of Asians. Journal of the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles. 34(12), 2022-2038.

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Medvedev, K. (2010). Pointy bras and loose house dresses: Female dress in Hungary and in the United States in the 1950s. AHEA: E-Journal of the American Hungarian Educators Association, Volume 3 (2010). http:ahea.net/e-journal/volume 3(2010)/3

Watson Freeman, A., Blanco, J., Hunt-Hurst, P., & Medvedev, K. (2010). Caregivers’ perceptions of clothing for people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 110(3), 961-964.

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Medvedev, K. (2007) Designing dissent: How fashion helped undo communism. T/here: Journal of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, 3,12-19. (Professional journal article.)

Invited and Peer-Reviewed Encyclopedia Entries--- Original research

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Peer-reviewed and invited book chapters since 2006

Reed, J., & Medvedev, K. (2020). Beauty entrepreneur with a social conscience: Rihanna gets real with her power and influence. Ethical Glamour: Styling & Branding Persona. New York: WaterHill Publishing. (pp. 104-111). (peer-reviewed).

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Juried  Research Presentations


Covington, S., & Medvedev, K. (2020). Woke brands? : An analysis of racial consciousness and the limits of corporate social responsibility in the fashion industrial complex. Critical Fashion Studies Conference. The University of Melbourne, Australia.

Medvedev, K. (2019). Once again, politics wraps Budapest fashion in a shroud. Transboundary Fashion Conference. Bunka Gauken University, Tokyo, Japan. 

Antaki, B., & Medvedev, K. (2018).  Transference of textile skills knowledge in rural-to-urban migration in the Bolivian Altipano. Global Fashion Conference. London College of Fashion. 

Medvedev, K. (2018). Research areas presentation. Canadian Fashion Research Network's Annual symposium, Univeristy of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. 

Medvedev, K. (2018). The transformation of Budapest fashion retail scene from 1867 to World War II.  Paper at the Retailing, Architecture and Material Culture: Historical Perspectives symposium, CHORD, University of Wolverhmampton, UK. 

Antaki B., & Medvedev, K.  (2018). Exploring the potential of Sumak Quamaña in reforming indigenous gender relations, preserving traditional ecological knowledge, and preserving Bolivian craft culture. Paper at the Gender, Work, Organization, International Interdisciplinary Conference, Macquaire University, Sydney, Australia. 

Reed, J., & Medvedev, K. (2018). Beauty entrepreneur with a social conscience: Rihanna gets real with her power and influence. Paper at the Bridging Gaps: What is Ethical Glamour in Celebrity Culture? 7th International Conference of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies, Lisbon, Portugal. 

Medvedev, K. (2016). Cambodian fashion NGOS: Are they doing good? Paper at the 4th International Non-Western Fashion Conference, Local Communities. University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium.

Medvedev, K., &  Reef-Stout, B. (2016). Dressed to kill: Experiential sustainability learning for students can revive fashion. Paper at the End of Fashion Conference. Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.

Medvedev, K. (2015). Dress code: Hungarian communists send ideological messages amid scarcities. Paper for the Look of Austerity Conference. Museum of London, London, United Kingdom. (The paper could not be delivered because of the conference conflicted with the Sex, Power and Fashion conference I was involved with as one of the conference planners). 

Medvedev, K. (2014). Shoe in for socialism: How propagandists used footwear to sell ideology to Hungarians. Paper at the Fashion Thinking International Conference. The University of Southern Denmark. Kolding, Denmark. 

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Medvedev, K. (2009). From waste to taste: Cambodian street kids craft stylish items from garbage. Paper at the Extra/Ordinary Dress Code: Costuming and the Second Skin in Asia conference, City University, Hong Kong, China.

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McInnis, A., & Medvedev, K. (2020). Everyday performative dress: The Shepherds of New York. Fashion, Freaks and Monsters Symposium, University of Hawaii.  (Tentatively rescheduled for 2021 because of Covid -19).

McInnis, A., & Medvedev, K. (2020). Title: "The Effects of Historic Events on Creative Professionals over Age Fifty Who Work in the NYC Fashion Industry. Canceled indefinitely because of Covid-19.  Best 5% of abstracts selection.

McInnis, A., & Medvedev, K. (2019). Sartorial appearance management strategies of creative professional women over age 50 in the fashion industry. Paper at the Fashion and Active Aging Symposium. University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN. 

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