Kristian Hogans

College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors

PhD Student & Graduate Assistant

Kristian Hogans is a critical fashion studies scholar.


Degree Field of Study Institution Graduation
M.S. Global Merchandising Florida State University 2017
B.S. Retailing University of South Carolina- Columbia 2015


Kristian's research explores fashion education and educational policy, specifically the historical, social, political, and cultural processes within fashion education that are affected by the structures of marginalization and limited interpretive perspectives. Her primary interests are the holistic and alternative pedgagogical strategies that support increased student learning and professional development, and the sustenance of graduate fashion programs. 


Instructor of Record:

TXMI 5900: Professional Development for the Fashion Industry (Fall 2022)

TXMI 3210: Fundamatals of Fashion Merchandising (Spring 2022)


Award Name Awarded By Year Awarded
Mary Josephine Cochran Fellowship American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences 2021
NASPA Region III Research Grant National Association of Student Personnel Administrators 2021


Organization Title Year(s) Service Type
Graduate and Professional Scholars President 2022-2023
Graduate and Professional Scholars President 2021-2022
Graduate and Professional Scholars Historian 2020-2021

Advisory Committee

Major Professor: Dr. Laura McAndrews

Committee Member: Dr. Clair McClure

Committee Member: Dr. Monica Sklar

Committee Member: Dr. Ginny Boss

Current Research

Understanding the foundation of fashion education (e.g. home economics), the presence and role/contributions of Black women as home economists, fashion education program structures, and student learning 

Journal Articles

Bingham, S., McAndrews, L. E., & Hogans, K. (2022). What Apparel Impulse Buying Says About Our Society: Does Consciousness for Sustainable Consumption Matter for Apparel Impulse Buying?. Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences, 114(4), 28-35.

Hogans, K. & McAndrews, L. (2022). Away from violence toward justice: A content analysis of cultural appropriation claims from 2013-2020. Fashion Practice. Under Review

Hogans, K., & Lyu, J. (2022). Double consciousness of Black millennial consumers: Their experiences in the retail space. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal,

Hogans, K., & Seock, Y. K. (2022). Body image of male college athletes: the role of uniforms and socio-cultural ideals on the perceptions of body image. International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education, 1-9.

Hogans, K & McQuerry, M. (2018). Assessment of ventilated athletic uniforms for improved thermal comfort. AATCC Journal of Research, 5(5), 1-8.

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