Live, learn and work in the heart of London

The global educational and international internship opportunities are only part of the excitement. Earn 6-9 credit hours in this six-week, June-July program through class and an internship. You will live in a flat located in the heart of London. Through the internship experience, you will have hands-on engagement with fashion, art and design studios, advertising/public relations/marketing firms, global organizations serving families and children, financial enterprises, and more. You will also have ample opportunities to visit museums, take in theater, visit historic sites, attend art festivals and local markets, and tour landmarks from Stonehenge and the Tower of London.


June 10 – July 24, 2022, Summer Thru Session 2022 (projected)

Application Deadline

February 1, 2022 ($300 deposit payment)

Approximate Cost

$6500, excluding airfare (tentative)

Program fee includes six weeks in a flat in Central London; transportation pass for buses and underground trains; orientation program; sightseeing tour of London; a ticket for the London Eye; two theatre tickets; two full-day guided day trips from London by private coach; afternoon tea river cruise and entrance to the Tower of London; access to the computer lab and library at AIFS, British Life and Culture lectures; access to the AIFS student center, emergency contact services, services of an experienced AIFS program coordinator and student advisors; classroom equipped with computer and projector; internship placement for students who select this option, classes and guided tours for students taking courses.

Other costs: Roundtrip airfare to London, passport and Tier 4 Visa for an internship (must be obtained before arriving in the UK); UGA tuition and fees for six hours of credit; expenses in London: meals, souvenirs, and other personal expenses.

Pre-departure Meetings for London are mandatory during the Spring semester 2022 for all students accepted into the program. Dates for meetings will be announced later in January 2022.

While studying in London, students will experience

  • The excitement of living in an international city while earning college credits.
  • The richness of London’s museums, theatre, fashion, business, and financial districts.
  • Opportunities for day trips to places such as Bath and Stonehenge.
  • London's historical sights such as the Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace
  • Fabulous markets, beautiful parks, and a delicious array of international foods

Courses Offered

  • FACS 5711/7711 (British Life and Culture), required 3 hours of credit,  Instructor, Yoo-Kyoung Seock
  • FACS 5915/7915 (International Internship), required 3 hours of credit, Instructor, Yoo-Kyoung Seock
  • TXMI 5710/7710 (British Fashion and Visual Merchandising) required 3 hours of credit, Instructor, Yoo-Kyoung Seock

Information Session

Date: 5:30 PM, Thursday, October 14

Location: Dawson Hall, Room # 312

Date: 5:30 PM, Thursday, November 11

Location: Dawson Hall, Room # 312

Virtual International Internship 2021

Due to the covid 19 pandemic, all UGA Study Abroad Programs were canceled. For these reasons, FACS offered an International Virtual Internship in Europe last Summer, which is under the course number FACS 5915E/7915E. It was an excellent opportunity for those who were seeking internship opportunities in other countries.

Overall, this internship was extremely beneficial to me. The Social Shop is the first marketing/business-related company I have worked for; now, I have an idea of the work I would like to be doing in the future.

Payton Trickel -
Payton Trickel
Lilia Sullivan

I have learned the importance of communication while in the workforce. It is the foundation of every business. Also, I have learned the importance of staying connected and staying in contact with staff members.

Lilia Sullivan -

I was able to learn much about the real business environment over the course of the internship and move away from the “student mindset” and learn more about different areas of business such as IT and marketing.

Adam Lagyak -
Adam Lagyak
Leah Gomberg

After interning at Style Doctors for the past two months, I have learned how to edit and create high quality Instagram stories, including adding the proper web links to the correct page.

Leah Gomberg -

It was a great experience to adapt academic knowledge into the real world (industry). During the three years, as a masters’ student and Ph.D. student, I built a lot of academic knowledge through the course works and research experiences. This internship made my experience enrich.

Jeongah Shin -
Jeongah Shin
Simone Orr

Through this experience I have come to find that these abilities to analyze, synthesize, and comprehend how information fits into the bigger picture for our company are strengths that I have.

Simone Orr -

I learned how to discipline myself to complete tasks daily and schedule my time efficiently in order to carry out my responsibilities. Along with gaining experience in marketing and public relations that will further my career goals, I also expanded my understanding of different cultures and how to effectively communicate with my supervisor in a different time zone.

Kayleigh Carney -
Kayleigh Carney
Sidney Counsell

I would say I have enjoyed this internship especially because of the flexibility it afforded me while also giving me insight and experience working with a supervisor in a work setting that is very new to me. I have learned a lot about the field from my research and am excited to see the survey responses from the employees.

Sidney Counsell -

Working on these activities and reading how nature inspires design taught me so much about the different topics and how it can be translated into design.

Heather Brown -
Heather Brown
Indira Washington

This experience taught me several things: self reliance, networking, the value of research, and communication

Indira Washington -

During this internship, I gained invaluable insight to the working and business world that I cannot gain in a classroom. I was able to gain verbal communication skills with other employees in the workplace.

Jennifer Dunbar -
Jennifer Dunbar
Teresa Wang

I have learned about multiple different perspectives on the steps to open a fashion retail company. I have a better comprehension of the fashion industry calendar, print-on-demand strategy, pattern and motif designing, fashion eCommerce marketing techniques, and more.

Teresa Wang -

I feel like I learned a lot about myself throughout this process. I was never in to writing, and while that remains, I am glad I did it. It gave me insight into how people think when they are writing.

Thomas Campbell -
Thomas Campbell
Seyi Adeola Ola

I have learned the importance of detailing and accuracy in writing and marketing while going global. I have been able to develop my previously acquired skills and tested how a target market receives information

Seyi Adeola Ola -

Through this internship, I have mainly learned the importance of communication and scheduling. Especially with the time difference between the eastern time zone and London, keeping an open line of communication was imperative.

Gracie Huffman -
Gracie Huffman
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