Program of Study

Choose a focus area:

  1. Polymer, Fiber, and Textile Science
  2. Merchandising & International Trade
  3. Historic & Cultural Aspects of Dress and Textiles
  4. Interior Environments

At least three courses within the selected focus area must be completed.

Major Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of 30 hours of graduate credit
    • Includes 24 hours of coursework and 6 hours of Master’s Thesis (TXMI 7300)
    • 1/2 of the credit hours (excluding thesis) must consist of UGA courses that are open ONLY to graduate students.
  • Core Course Requirements
    • TXMI 6520*
      *TXMI 6520 is not required if you have completed TXMI 4520 or equivalent prior to enrollment in the Master's program.
    • TXMI 8050
    • Statistics:
      • STAT 6210 
      • STAT 6220*
        *Students in the Historic/Cultural Dress and Textiles and Interior Environments focus areas in consultation with their major professor may take a qualitative research course in place of STAT 6220.
    • Focus Area: 9 hours in your chosen focus area which can be seen below
    • Thesis: TXMI 7300, 6 hours

Undergraduate Courses

Depending on your undergraduate major and previous course work, you may be required to complete undergraduate courses* (this may include Chemistry, Textiles, and Textile Testing) while you are enrolled in the graduate program, and completion of these courses may be required prior to enrollment in specific graduate courses.

*Undergraduate credit hours do not count toward your graduate degree and are not listed on the program of study

Graduate Courses

Textile Science

  • TXMI 6100: Advanced Textiles
  • TXMI 6110: Textile Dyeing
  • TXMI 6120: Product Standards and Quality Analysis
  • TXMI 6150: Nonwovens Science and Technology
  • TXMI 6160: Product Development in the Textile and Apparel Industries
  • TXMI 8110-8110L: Physical Analysis of Textiles
  • TXMI 8120: Polymer Science
  • TXMI 8130: Chemical and Instrumental Analysis of Polymers
  • TXMI 8140: Environmental Aspects of Textiles
  • TXMI 8170: Color Science
  • TXMI 8180: Physics of Textile Structures
  • TXMI 8190: Dyeing Theory

Merchandising and International Trade

  • TXMI 6230: Dress, Society and Culture
  • TXMI 6240: Fashion Promotion and Visual Merchandising
  • TXMI 6290: History of Dress and Fashion: Nineteenth Century to the Present
  • TXMI 6520: Apparel and Textile Economics
  • TXMI 6540: International Textiles and Apparel
  • TXMI 7240: Retailing Apparel and Textiles
  • TXMI 7270: E-tailing in Apparel and Textiles
  • TXMI 8220: Advanced Topics in International Textile and Apaprel Production and Trade
  • TXMI 8240: Advanced Topics in Retailing
  • TXMI 8250: Apparel Trade and International Retailing
  • TXMI 8260: Advanced Topics in Consumer Behavior
  • TXMI 8270: Apparel Theories and Methodologies

Historic and Cultural Aspects of Dress and Textiles

  • TXMI 6230: Dress, Society and Culture
  • TXMI 6270: History of Costume: Antiquity to Nineteenth Century
  • TXMI 6290: History of Dress and Fashion: Nineteenth Century to the Present
  • TXMI 6580: History of World Textiles
  • TXMI 7810: Historic Collection Management

Apply to All Focus Areas

  • TXMI 6900: Special Topics
  • TXMI 7000: Master’s Research
  • TXMI 7005: Graduate School Seminar
  • TXMI 7300: Master’s Thesis
  • TXMI 7710: Study Tour in TMI
  • TXMI 7910: TMI Internship
  • TXMI 8500: Contemporary Topics in TMI
  • TXMI 8900: TMI Seminar
  • TXMI 9010: Direct Research
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