Consumer Economics

Complete a Master’s in Consumer Economics while fulfilling requirements for your Bachelor’s degree. Continue on to earn your undergraduate and graduate degrees within a five-year time frame.

Why Double Dawgs in Consumer Economics?

  • The University allows students to count up to 12 undergraduate credits toward both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.
  • This can effectively give students a head-start in completing both degrees in five years or less.
  • This means that students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree at UGA can use up to 12 undergraduate general elective hours toward a graduate degree in consumer economics*.
    • *with departmental permission
  • Because the Hope and Miller scholarships fund up to 127 credit hours, the Double Dawgs option gives students the opportunity to take advantage of undergraduate scholarship funding for a graduate program.

Time to Completion:

  •  Students complete their Master's degree in conjunction with their Bachelor's degree; thus, students can expect to complete both programs in approximately five years or less. 


  • Apply to the Double Dawgs program by contacting the Student Success and Advising Center (SSAC)  ( to evaluate your own individual path toward becoming a Consumer Economics Double Dawg.

Who is eligible?

  • Several undergraduate majors are currently eligible to participate in the Double Dawg program with Consumer Economics as your Master’s degree. Approved Double Dawgs programs can be viewed here.
  • We will work with any student interested in pursuing this opportunity.

Pathway and Criteria

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