For Employers

Internships are wonderful learning experiences for students in the University of Georgia’s Department of Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics (FHCE). Internships give students opportunities to apply what they have learned in the classroom, learn and practice appropriate workplace behaviors, build on strengths and address weaknesses, and discover future directions as they begin their professional careers. None of this is possible without a supervisor who takes the time to make the internship a true learning experience for the students.

The UGA Internship Guide will guide you through writing a job description for your internship and making other decisions about the intern’s experience.

Expectations for FHCE Internship Supervisors

  • Commit to investing in the professional development of the student through training, mentoring, and other
  • Agree upon objectives for the student’s internship
  • Discuss compensation (or lack of) with the student
  • Commit to providing the intern the opportunity to work the required number of hours to earn academic credit (Students are required to work 50 hours for each hour of academic credit. Many students register for 3 academic credit hours.)
  • Complete and discuss with the student a mid-term and final evaluation their personal and professional performance with recommendations for areas of improvement
  • (Optional) Provide the intern with a letter of recommendation at the completion of the internship.

Getting Started

  1. Contact your major's professor to discuss intern opportunities.
  2. Fill out the job posting form and send it to your major's professor.
  3. We will announce opportunities via a departmental listserv as well as in classes, including a one-hour course that prepares students for the internship experience.
  4. (Optional) Speak to a class about your internship opportunity.
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